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                               Friends of the Countryside 23rd General Assembly




Dear friends,

Queridos amigos,



It is with immense pleasure that we invite you to the Friends of the Countryside 23rd General Assembly which will take place in Cordoba, in the sunny region of Andalusia.


The event will take place from Thursday June 4th to Sunday June 7th, 2020.


Córdoba has been coveted by many different cultures over time. It is thanks to its varied and monumental patrimony that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 thus preserving its cultural inheritance. Andalusia as a region possesses the most-varied terrain and vegetation in all of Spain. Striking contrasts exist between alpine mountains, arid deserts, and the fertile irrigated plains that support extensive agriculture. It is for this reason that we have decided to base the theme of this General Assembly: “Biodiversity and the Culture of Water”.


The assembly will begin on Thursday June 4th with a welcome dinner at the Palacio de Viana in the centre of Córdoba for both members and board members. The General Assembly and Conference will take place the following day in the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos set in the historic Hospital Mayor building featuring a contemporary assembly room. The evening of June 5th we will gather for the Gala Dinner at the splendid Real Círculo de la Amistad, also in the centre of the city.


The tours will take place on the Saturday and bear witness to the variety of the landscape. Visits will include a choice of large scale olive, almond and cotton production or irrigation techniques or citrus production as well as horse breeding and pig rearing on acorns for that special Iberian jamón. An informal dinner that evening will take place in the Royal Stables of Caballerizas, home of the renowned Andalusian breed where we will be treated to a spectacular after dinner show! The last day of our gathering will include an optional visit for those departing after 05:00pm.


This year the extra tour will take place before the General Assembly as a pre-tour encompassing Sevilla and Jerez de la Frontera. It will begin on Monday June 1st in Sevilla with visits to the Palacio Arzobispal, the El Alcazar and Real Maestranza de Cabaleria to name but a few followed by visits to the bodega Fundador and the  Fincas Fuente Rey and la Peñuela near Jerez.


There is ample information available on our specially conceived website which you can access from the Friends of the Countryside website and will be updated as more information is added.


We look forward to seeing you at what is our annual opportunity to gather together and exchange ideas, to discover the strategic role of irrigation and the challenges for environmental stability in this beautiful region of Spain.


Yours sincerely,




Michael zu Salm-Salm                                                               Thierry de l’Escaille

President                                                                                  CEO & Secretary General

With our special thanks to:

Antonio and Mary Melgarejo-Marqueses de Melgarejo, Ivan and Isabel de Arteaga-Marqueses de Ariza, Emilio and Mariella Navarro, Eloy and Ana Martinez Sagrera, Francisco and Silvia Ruiz della Torre, Gabriel and Jasna-Gora Lodares,  Carlos Otero, Claudia Navarro for their great support in the preparation of the 2020  programme

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